Kairos Young Singers

We are very excited to announce that Kairos Young Singers, a children and youth choir that has been blessing the city for the last five years with their angelic voices, will now be a part of our arts academy! We are looking forward to making music together this fall!

2 thoughts on “Kairos Young Singers

  1. My children were a part of the choir for 3 years, when it first started. We had to pull out when choir moved to Tuesdays. What day of the week is Kairos happening this year?

    1. Hi there!

      Thanks for your question!

      The Kairos Youth will be on Tuesdays initially. The Choir was new to us this fall, and so we are always looking for valuable feedback like that. We’ll be sure to consider your comments as we start our planning for the Winter sessions starting in January!

      All the best!

      Westview Arts Academy

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