We are excited that you are interested in participating in one or more of our art, dance, drama, or music classes for preschoolers through adults. Our year-long classes run from September to May. Our fall semester classes run from September to December and our winter/spring semester classes run from January to May. We also offer some once a month art seminar classes for teens and adults. If you are interested in any of our classes and you have missed the start date, please contact us to see if the class is still accepting new registrations. If you would like to observe a class before registering and enrolling, please contact us to set up a time when you can observe a class you are interested in.

Enrolment Policies

~Our classes have a limited number of spots. Enrolment will be based upon a first come, first served basis.

~Online registration for a class is not the same as enrolment in a class, but it is the first step.

~Enrolment in a class is not final and participation cannot commence until payment has been received in full or a payment plan has been put into place by visiting the Westview Arts Academy office.

~Enrolment in a class is also not finalized until the instructor agrees that the student is registered in the appropriate level.

~Class fees listed on our website are calculated based on the length of the class, the potential size of the class (private, semi-private, group), and the supplies needed for the class, showcase, production, or concert(s). Year-long classes are offered at a discounted rate to semester classes.

~Missed classes are non-refundable when missed by a student. If an instructor cannot be available for any class, a substitute will be brought in or the instructor will make arrangements for a make-up class on a future date.

~Classes that are cancelled due to extreme weather will only be made up if space and time allow.

~Excessive absences from class may result in the student not being permitted to participate in the year-end showcase.

~Returned cheques or declined credit cards will be assessed a service charge of $25.00.

~Westview Arts Academy reserves the right to reschedule, cancel, or combine classes should registration be insufficient. Tuition paid for cancelled classes will be refunded. Tuition paid for rescheduled classes will be eligible for refunds if the new time no longer fits your schedule.

Full Year Student Withdrawal Policy:

The initial deposit fee (costume fee(s) + registration fee + gst) is non-refundable.

The first month’s tuition is also non-refundable.

Withdrawals require one calendar month’s written notice and must be received prior to the first day of the month. Your final balance will be calculated by pro-rating classes (based on full, non-discounted rates) to the end of the one month notice period. Any fees submitted to cover classes after the one month notice period will be returned.

There are no refunds after January 31st.

Semester Student Withdrawal Policy:

Withdrawals require two weeks written notice prior to the start of the program. If adequate notice is provided prior to the start of the program, the fees will be refunded apart from a $25.00 administration fee.


A signed copy of these policies is required from each student/ family before participating in any classes at the Westview Arts Academy. A printer-friendly version can be found here: Enrolment Policies