Your help is requested

Westview ARTS Academy is entering it’s 2nd year, and we are so pleased to be here to help you and the many wonderful students we’ve seen this past year.

In order to serve you better, we’re asking for your support by filling in this brief survey (anonymous if you prefer) so that we can improve our content, delivery and communications with you.

Thank you in advance!

Westview ARTS Academy Survey

Thank you for your support of the Westview ARTS Academy in its inaugural year!

Please help us serve you better by taking the time to complete this survey.  It will be available until August 31, 2017.

We greatly appreciate your feedback.

If you would prefer to keep your feedback anonymous, please feel free to do so. Otherwise, please fill in your contact information below.

If there are any topics from this survey you would like to discuss with someone, or if there are any matters not resolved to your total satisfaction, please leave your contact information, as well, so that we may contact you.

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