“Where words fail, music speaks.”

~Hans Christian Anderson


We offer private lessons in drums, guitar, keyboard, piano, ukulele, violin, and voice. All of our music classes are taught by accomplished, practicing musicians who love teaching. The majority of our private music lessons are on Saturdays, but we also have some private lessons available on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Private lessons are $24/half hour and can be paid for on a monthly basis.

Besides private lessons, we are also willing to accommodate your needs and provide semi-private classes in any of the above instruments at half the cost, provided that you find a person to take the class with you or your child. We recognize that semi-private lessons can provide a more affordable option for learning an instrument, as well as an excellent structure for learning rhythm and tempo, but we also know that private classes allow students to progress at their own speed and benefit from the one-on-one attention of an instructor, so we leave the choice and the price up to you.

We are also pleased to have a top-notch children & youth choir as part of our academy. The choir is moving its rehearsal time to Thursday this year, beginning in January! We would love to have you join us. Please stay tuned for more information or check out our choir page for more details…

Space is limited in all of our instrumental classes, so be sure to sign up early by emailing info@westviewartsacademy.ca


~Saturday full-year classes will begin on Sept. 8th or 15th and end by May 11th. There will be no classes on Oct. 6 for Thanksgiving weekend or on Dec. 22 or 29 for Christmas Break. There will also be no classes on March 30th for Spring Break or on April 20th for Easter weekend. The Year-End Showcase will be on May 7th with a mandatory rehearsal on May 6th.

~Tuesday full year classes will begin on Sept. 11th or 25th and end by May 14th. There will be no classes on Dec. 25 or Jan. 1 for Christmas Break. There will also be no classes on March 26th for Spring Break or April 23rd for Easter weekend.

~Thursday Winter/Spring Semester classes will begin on January 10th and will end on May 16th. There will be no classes on Feb. 14th for Valentine’s Day or on March 28th for Spring Break.

~Fall Semester only classes will begin Sept 8th, 11th or 25th and will end by December 18, 2018. (Please note applicable holidays above.)

~Winter/Spring Semester only classes will begin on January 5, 8, or 10th and will end by May 16, 2019. (Please note applicable holidays above.)

~All of our classes will be held at Westview Baptist Church.

~Our year-end showcase will be on May 7th with a mandatory rehearsal on May 6th. (Participation in the showcase will be by invitation. Students with excessive absences from class will not be able to participate. In addition to the year-end showcase, some of our students will have the opportunity to participate in our Christmas concerts at the end of the fall semester. Information about these concerts and rehearsals will be sent out no less than a month before.)

~All classes will conclude by May 16th, the week following our Year-End Showcase on May 7th.

~There will be opportunities for parents to observe student progress at various times throughout the year through the invitation of individual instructors, and/or during our year-end showcase on May 7th.

~The final classes on May 11th, 14th, or 16th will be an opportunity for students to collect all of their work, supplies, and progress reports, and to also debrief with the instructor on the year and the showcase. It will also be an opportunity for class photos and for parents to fill out an evaluation.

If you would like to register for one of our classes, please add it to your cart and use our online checkout process, or visit the arts academy office during our regular office hours. Please note: Enrolment is not final and participation in our classes cannot commence until payment has been received in full or a payment plan has been established, as well as a signed copy of our enrolment policies has been submitted.

Music Courses