Kairos Young Singers

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Kairos Young Singers is the dynamic children and youth choir of the Westview ARTS Academy. Their collective voices reflect the beauty, mystery, creativity, and love of God through the transcendent power of music. They train once a week throughout the school year and perform several times throughout the year, bringing hope, joy, and love through their extensive and varied repertoire of songs.

Kairos, pronounced “KAI-ros” is a Greek word that refers to time. It does not refer to just any time, but exactly the right time to say or do something. We thought this was a fitting name for our choir, because children and youth have such pure hearts and angelic voices that they are at the perfect time in their lives to use their voices to bless and encourage others.

Children and youth, ages 9-18, who join our choir are given an opportunity to make a difference through singing, while being taught healthy vocal technique and professionalism. No previous musical experience is necessary, but each chorister will perform a short vocal interview with our director to aid in their placement within the choir. In order to further expand our choristers’ understanding of music and increase their vocal dexterity, the choir’s repertoire includes many different styles and languages. Singing in a choir not only teaches musicality, choristers will also gain self-confidence, learn team-work and collaboration, strengthen memory, and make life-long friends.

The Children’s Choir, ages 9-12, introduces choristers to the world of choral music. Choristers learn how to use their voices in a healthy way and how to create a well blended, unison sound. In addition, choristers are also introduced to using sheet music and learn to connect the markings on the page with the notes they sing and hear. As the year progresses, choristers are taught to sing in both unison and two-part harmony. They are encouraged to create music, not just sing the notes on the page, and to perform this music with confidence. They also have the opportunity to work as a group with our vocal coach, learning how their voices work and how to use them effectively. Throughout the year, the choir performs in various concerts and attends a choir camp in the spring semester.

The Youth Choir, ages 13-18, introduces a high-level of professionalism, while building on the concepts and skills introduced in the children’s choir. Choristers are encouraged to take ownership of the music they sing and to clearly convey the message of the song. Over the course of the year, choristers have the opportunity to sing in unison, two, three, and four parts, as well as strengthen their sight singing ability, and work closely with our vocal coach. The choir performs various concerts throughout the year, as well as attending choir camp in the spring semester.

Introducing our new choir director…

Anita Perlau

Anita learned early on in life that music was a wonderful medium to express oneself and she has found abundant joy in making music with others! Anita has spent the last thirty years in the field of music education as an elementary music specialist, choral conductor, and workshop clinician. Anita has had the privilege of working with choristers (aged 5-18) at Mount Royal Conservatory, Calgary Christian School and as founder of the Alleluia Chorus, a faith based musical theatre ensemble.

Anita has trained as a singer and music educator. She holds advanced certificates in both the Kodály and Orff philosophies and a Master of Education in music education. Currently, Anita is the coordinator and an instructor of the Early Childhood music programs at the Conservatory of Mount Royal University.

Anita is passionate that singing is for everyone and believes it is never too late to start! With that in mind, Anita directs two community adult choirs at Westwinds Music Society, introducing adult beginners to singing and reading music. Anita also feels that she is called to mentor young educators and enjoys teaching music education courses at the University of Alberta.

Anita is honoured to lead the Kairos Young Singers and thrilled to be joining the team of Westview Arts Academy!


If you are interested in joining our choir, please sign up by adding the appropriate aged choir to your shopping cart and completing the online registration. You will be contacted to set up a vocal interview with our choir director before rehearsals begin.


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